CBE : a local development agency [english]

The CBE, territorial social dialogue and development

The CBE Sud Luberon is a local non-profit organisation dedicated to Extended Local Social Dialogue.

Its objective is to promote employment, highlighting and supporting local initiatives. Private or public, individual or collective, it seeks to create synergies linked to economic activities, land planning and human potentials on which the South Luberon identity is based.

Founded in 1982, it is recognized by prefectural agreement since the 2nd august 2004 : granted for three years, the agreement is based on specifications and an action program elaborated in consultation with the State services.

Representatives of the devolved State services and Local Authorities are systematically associated to the CBE projects. The Board of Directors, composed of 21 members, is divided in 5 Colleges : elected representatives, company managers, trade unions, organizations of Social Economy, associated partners (consultative voice).

The creation and organization of a CBE respond to a common will of local socio-economic actors. This expression of local democracy assure the efficiency and pertinence of the actions conducted.

7 employees: 1 director, 1 secretary, 4 project managers and 1 numeric animatorCarte CBESL fond IGN

An intervention territory of 30 municipalities for a population of 80 000 inhabitants:

  • South Luberon : 3 territorial communities of communes, 22 municipalities, 48 000 inhabitants
  • Durance Valley : 8 municipalities, 32 000 inhabitants


  1. Support to business activities, creation and development (companies and non-profit organisations)
  • Reception of projects holders
  • Support to creation: market study, juridical and technical aspects

Average Annual Volume: 450 persons supported, more than 100 effective creations, 200 jobs created and more than 40 companies monitored.

The support of economic actors is divided into 4 axes:

  • Support to creation-recovery, with a series of workshop to facilitate comprehension of the different elements of a project (legal status, business plan, market study, financing)
  • Entrepreneurs’ training through its Synergie Entreprendre program (ESF European fund).
  • Development of social economy on its territory, through the promotion of the economic model, information of actors, support of projects and enhancement of existent entities.
  • Synergy of the actors, through pooling and cooperation.
  1. Social Economy

Local referent for social economy: coordination, information and support of SE projects

  • Support to already existent companies: expertise on Human Resources management, financial administration, and development of the network
  • Organisation of thematic meetings, facilitation of networking, provision of a local and territorial professionals basis
  • Employment Meeting: Co-organisation of multi-sectorial employment forum
  1. Territorial Activities
  • Stimulation of Expanded Territorial Social Dialogue through the mobilisation of different colleges.
  • Information relay for employment and professional training
  • Development of structuring actions adapted to identified needs on the territory, in collaboration with all the actors of local development…

An attractive and well-located territory

The territory is being very attractive for populations and companies: sun belt effect, high environmental and patrimonial quality territory, including equivalent distances from economic attractiveness pole such as Aix-Marseille, Cadarache (CEA-ITER) and Avignon.

In contact with more than 500 project holders each year, and since 2005, a basis of 600 companies on the territory with which strong relations were created. Those companies were supported before their creation by the projects managers of the CBE and are still in activity.


Technical:     Pôle Emploi (Employment agency) and Mission Locale, AIA and ANPEP (Local Reception Networks), other employment, training and inclusion partners…

Financial:      Europe, French State, Regional Authority Council of PACA, departmental authority of ADEME (national Environement Agency), Council of Vaucluse, Municipalities and Interconnected municipalities, Pôle Emploi…

Entrepreneurship CBE’s partners networks in Provence (west PACA):

  • Créo Vaucluse: network of actors in business creation in Vaucluse (30 members)
  • PromESS84: national network of actors from Social Economy at the departmental level, Cress PACA antenna (25 members)
  • Professional Networks: GEPE (about 120 adherent companies), UEPL (about 100 adherent companies), Association of synergies creators Entreprendre (about 25 adherent companies), Association of companies of REVOL – La Tour d’Aigues (about 10 adherent ), etc.
  • The Regional Natural Park of Luberon (PNRL), in which the CBE is an active member in the Economic Development Council, within other important economic actors of the territory.

In each sector, the CBE has partners to rely on and collaborate with:

  • Agriculture: Chambers of Agriculture, ADEAR, CIVAM
  • Industry: Chambers of Commerce and Industry
  • Craft-Construction Industry: Chamber of Craft Industry, CAPEB
  • Services-tourism: CRT-ADT-UDOTSI (Tourism Offices and agencies), Bienvenue à la Ferme
  • Social Economy:  Fondations, Arborescence Group, Social Economy networks
  • R&D: University of Avignon and Aix-Marseille, Scop ADREP
  • Entrepreneurship support: Other CBEs of Vaucluse, Platforms of Initiatives, Business Incubators, Activity Cooperatives, Wage Portage Company, Federations of enterprises

Moreover, The CBE Sud Luberon has experience in community programmes through the Synergie Entreprendre process (ESF fund), the ICS-Med project (FEDER) and the creation of the south European network for Social Economy Medcoop in which it is a founding member.

It is thus recognised on the territory as a territorial development entity competent on european cooperation matters.

CBE : « Décret n°2002-790 du 3 mai 2002 ».

Accès rapide

CBE Sud Luberon
115 Rue Louis Lumière
84120 Pertuis
Tél : +33 (0)4 90 79 53 30
Fax : +33 (0)4 90 09 69 01

Heures d'ouverture : du lundi au jeudi de 8h30 à 17h00
le vendredi de 8h30 à 12h00